Who We Are

Nesika Services is a grass roots, Community led Not-for-Profit acting on behalf of any unrepresented impacted Indigenous groups in a negotiation with Canada to maximize economic opportunity in the ownership of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Nesika was conceived from a desire to enable communities to make informed decisions on the economic benefits of ownership in the Trans Mountain pipeline.

There is an overwhelming desire for the 129 (Canada) identified impacted Indigenous communities to retain an economic interest in the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

To achieve the best outcome for all:

A grass roots community led, transparent, not for profit, coalition of experts and leadership whose sole purpose is to advocate and structure the best overall transaction has been formed.

Nesika (Chinook):  Our; Us; We

Chinook (or Chinuk wawa) allowed Indigenous travellers and traders from very diverse cultures with completely different languages the ability to communicate with each other thereby promoting the exchange of goods, services, and ideas over vast areas of the country.

Our Team